What On Earth

Man finished his bologna sandwich and walked outside.

The sun was too bright. The wind too hard. The bridges were almost gone. People were stupid. Animals were unchanged. So were the flowers and trees.

The rivers and seas polluted. The game rigged. Everyone’s crazy.

A man’s word, a distant relic. As is civility.

Clothes are cheap. Food is worse. Water is sold in a bottle.

Service has left the building. Caring? Kindness? Patience? Virtue?

Subtlety, a dying breed. Nuance, almost forgotten.

Spelling is changing. History is being manipulated. People are stupid.

And afraid. And cruel.

And truth… is nowhere to be seen.

Man walked to the corner. Looked both ways. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. Wished that he could. Closed his eyes instead.

The roar deafening.

A praying mantis, having just eaten her mate’s head, flew overhead.



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