The dogs had been howling all morning. The woman expected an earthquake any second. But what can you do? She fixed her grandbabies breakfast then shooshed them out the back screened porch to go play in the yard.

Within minutes the dogs howls became more agitated and she could also hear her grandbabies in the side yard laughing more than normal. Curious now, the woman walked out the back door and there a stranger hung from the neck by a rope from one of the branches of the oak.

The children were beating the body with sticks.

One of the grandbabies stopped swinging and said, “Nana! We hit this piñata so hard, why is there no caramels?”

The woman bent over and hurled her breakfast all over the freshly mowed grass.

A car drove by.

After a minute or so you couldn’t hear the car anymore. In fact, you couldn’t hear anything.


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