Paper Love Fire

A gust of wind suddenly rampaged through the park, toppling hats, bustling open the odd overcoat, and across the street came two dueling scraps of paper, lighting here and alighting there, briefly touching earth, then spinning aloft in tandem; a glorious dance that transcended earth’s laws, abandon for the sheer sake of, I can, a dance the world around me noticed not, I observed, as if this surrealistic dance was cast only for me. I sat, entranced.

As if on the tips of galloping whitewater the two scrap lovers continued rushing along, skimming the tops of the green grass. Then, just as quickly as the scraps of paper appeared, they disappeared up into the night sky. Never to be seen again.

The wind continued to blow. I fastened my coat’s collar and hugged my sides, warmth of any kind eluding me.

But, the scraps love was absolutely imbued. So perfect…One can only hope to be so lucky.

I checked the soles of my shoes, then stood, heading somewhere I knew not.

I felt a cookie deep in my coat pocket. I crushed it between my fingers, the dust settling into the bottom lining. I licked the tips of my fingers while a car passed. Umm… chocolate chip.

Overhead, a streetlight flickered. The long shadow I cast refused to leave me. A siren wailed in the distance and my footsteps sounded like someone trying to catch up to me. I stopped and waited, but, alas, no one joined me.

No one.

The wind continued to blow and I continued walking. I removed my hand from my coat pocket and held it aloft, letting the sprinkles of cookie fly in all directions, sharing this sweetness with all who need it. And they do.

I walked into the darkness. And like the paper lovers, I don’t know for certain if I will ever be seen again. The older I become, the more invisible I seem to appear to this mad, swirling, kalaidescope world that apparently wants to swallow me whole.

And the wind continued blowing… Harder and harder.


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