He look funny. White hair face and puffy black coat. But, I like he. I don’t know why. His voice tickle my tummy. Who is this man?

Dad laugh at men standing. Then he say, “Mahela, back in a sec, eh? Stay with the lads.”

I go with Dad… no, no… I stay… this man.

I sit next he.

He no afraid. I think he like me.

We say. He say. I say.

I like. Him.

His puffy jacket so big. I no touch it.

Men take picture us.

I say, “Cheese!”

They laugh.

I laugh. Man smile at me.

There Dad is. He say, “You ready for bed, little girl?”

I like bed. “Yes.” say me.

Man say, “I know you now, so when I see you around town, I’m gonna say hi, okay?”

“Yes.” say me.

I hug he.

His puffy jacket swallow me… yay.

I wave bye­bye to man. He wave bye­bye me. I high five he.

Men laugh.

I hold Dad hand. He take me away.



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